the rubyrose lamb

Need an idea for a baptism gift or activity? This adorable lamb surrounded by hyssop and Easter lilies makes for a thoughtful present! Simply place inked fingers on the print to create a bundle of balloons strung from the lamb’s mouth. 

Whether you are using your rubyrose kit as a gift at an event or creating your own work of art at home, your kit comes with everything you need to complete a distinctive keepsake.

In addition to the print, your kit includes:
- Three inks of your choosing
- Detailed instruction card with helpful tidbits
- Box top that can serve as a display tray
- Wipes for inked fingers

Print details:
8x10 and 9x12 inches, original graphite drawings are reproduced on heavy-textured, watercolor paper. This size is suitable for anywhere from 5-50 participants, depending on how many fingerprints are marked by each individual. Print is not framed.
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